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Day 6 Haskell: Folding
  • foldr/foldl (foldRight and foldLeft)

Folding is a pretty nice operation. Basically, it runs through each element in the list and applies a desired function to it. So what’s the difference between map and foldr? Map treats each element as an individual, and just applies the function to each element only…

The burning of heretics.
IRL twitter mob circa 1600

I have a story from a hackathon I went to.

Here’s a recap of how hackathons work. You have to complete a prototype in a time limit of 24–48 hours. Sleep is pretty uncommon, eating even less so. …

A sunset with a beer and a coffee.

The drinks I drink vary wildly to and fro,
from a glass of water to a barrel of rum, Yo ho!
As a wee lad I started with water,
went to tea, coffee, juice, and others

I jumped to vodka, I puked my guts,
can’t hold my drink, truly a…

Some time ago, one of my roommates decided it was a great idea to get out of the house and go out for some time. Using our collective minds, we came up with a brilliant idea.

To visit a part of Gurgaon which has Russians in it!

To be fair…

Note : I must admit that GitHub gists is pretty good. The fact that I can embed this makes it a million times better.

Learnt about some built in functions today, and I must admit I like these.

  • Function composition (It’s symbol is a dot.)

The function conjugation operator (.)…

A picture of an Ace of Spades

Everyone was looking at them, while both men looked at each other.

They had been there for hours, playing slowly and cautiously, eliminating everyone else at the table. They both wanted the money for their own reasons. One for love. One for glory.

The first man contemplated what would happen if he lost. He gulped down his drink, then placed his cards on the table. The second man was not the contemplating sort, preferring instead to fling his cards onto the table.

A deafening roar from the crowd pierced the silence, and for a moment, he felt like a king.

A scene from the movie full metal jacket where the line “Guts is enough” is said.
If you know, you know. If you don’t read and you will.

So I had an interview today. I have absolutely no idea what to do, and I must admit I thought it was going to be a horrible experience. I almost expected upper management corporate nonsense from the way my friends described how it could be.

I have given exactly 2…

An empty todo list.

I must admit that competitive programming is occasionally annoying. The reason I say this is because sometimes, you find some problem that you can almost do, and then you stay up the entire night trying to solve it. …

A person trapped in a cage.

I’m applying for jobs, and I must admit that I can slowly feel my soul slipping away. The nonsense I have to write, the ridiculous reasons I have to give for someone to hire me. Apparently the reason I need money isn’t enough. No, I must sing praises of the…

A picture depicting videogames, searching for jobs, a bed, coding and python/javascript.
A mosaic of my current life.

Here I was, resting one day when I get a call from a friend who I occasionally collaborate with for projects. He asked me for help with one of his side projects that he wanted to do, and so I obliged (being the generous and kind hearted man I am).

Aditya Sujith Gudimetla

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