Installing MIRACL (for dummies)

So you don’t waste a lot of time like I did.

3 min readMay 26, 2020

Over the past few weeks I had to search for a crypto library so I could test my new authentication scheme I made and I ended up on the MIRACL github repository ( And I was on that repo for almost 2 days breaking my head trying to figure out how to install it. I eventually figured it out after giving up on life. So I decided to make a short manual (about the installation. Not giving up on life. Don’t do that. Here’s a helpline number: 022 2754 6669).


  • Requirements
  • Installation


  1. Ubuntu 18.04
  2. x86_64 CPU architecture. You can check this on your system using the lscpu command in the terminal.


  1. DON’T clone the repo. Download the zip.
  2. Make a new folder and put the zip folder in it. Let’s assume folder’s name is (it will be this unless you’re getting it from somewhere else).
Download the zip
Make a new folder. Makes the next steps a lot easier.

3. In the folder, open the terminal and run the following command.

unzip -j -aa -L

You’ll be prompted for replacing some files. Input N (as shown below).

Input N.

You’ll now get a lot of files extracted. Don’t panic.

Lots of files.

4. Since we’re running on a 64 bit machine, we run

bash linux64

If you’re not on a 64 bit machine run

bash linux

If you want the C++ version (which is necessary for pairing based cryptography), run

bash linux64_cpp

Output you should get.

After this, you’ll get a folder called miracl.a . Rename it to libmiracl.a .


6. To compile C programs, use a variation of the following command.

gcc <fileName>.c -I <header files location> -L. -lmiracl


gcc <fileName>.c -I <header files location> <library name>


Pretty simple right? Yay! Anyway, customize the above command. Since we only have 1 library (libmiracl.a), I keep it in my root directory. I copy and paste the header files into a folder called include for my needs. (Search for header files using Ctrl+F →*.h)

My setup

Command to compile for me

gcc 1.c -I ./include -L. -lmiracl


gcc 1.c -I ./include libmiracl.a




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