Just Sitting

TLDR : Different ways to meditate, I suppose.

Aditya Sujith Gudimetla
2 min readDec 20, 2021


A picture showing buildings in the background and traffic on the road. It is mildly sunny, and the railings make the whole picture look like a world seen through prison bars.
Took the picture around 12pm.

Over the past week, after my flatmates go to office, I am occasionally bored. And so to dispel these spells of boredom, I generally go for a walk to test out different places for tea and just bask in the sun (cuz it’s cold inside).

The thing I like about the place I’m at is that it has overpasses to cross the road. And the overpass itself it pretty delightful to simply walk across. Call me a romantic, but I love taking a walk across the overpass and watching the traffic. It’s almost serene in its meditative quality.

On a few of the nights, when it’s cold enough to see your own breath, taking a cup of tea there to watch the city is a fun experience. You don’t see much of it, just a horizontal slice. But from the right angle, it does encapsulate the city in its entirety. The constantly honking cars, the partially empty skyscrapers, the barren sky with a lone star in the distance.

Sometimes I wonder about all those buildings. At night, you can still see a few spots in the building with the lights on. Did someone forget to turn off the light? Is it a person who’d rather not go home? Is it someone who missed his deadline and is making up for it? So many stories, so much life that occurs in this concrete jungle.

I drink my tea in about 10 minutes. I like to savour it for the most part, and gulp it down when it devolves into a lukewarm temperature. Sometimes I see people hurrying across the pathway, walking with a pace that suggests they’re late. Others I see who look straight ahead, clear in the path they wish to follow. Some people are like me, sitting on the benches on the overpass, talking to friends or lost in their own world.

I’m tempted to have a peek into their world, if only to satisfy my curiosity. I suppose if I did ask them what they’re thinking about, I’ll probably get an answer like my own.

Just sitting.



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