Slavery and Fraud

TLDR : Tech serfdom

Serfs and their master
  • Company A makes everyone sign a bond for 2 years or something. Now, here’s what a bond is. A company gives you training in your first 3 months, and then, should you leave the company before the bond period is up, you have to pay back your salary + x% interest on it for the training you received (15% for my friend). This is despite the training only lasting for 3 months, and the bond for 2 years.
    Sometimes, they make you pay a flat rate, though even this is more than what you’ll make in a year at this supposed company.
    I should also mention that the word training be held in the same regard as the word “extended military engagement” be held when said by George Bush (USA never invaded Iraq. It just had an extended military engagement). Basically, hogwash. (My friend says she learns stuff occasionally, though I still have my doubts).
  • So why can’t people just walk out of these places and get a normal job?
    Company A takes a few documents on arrival. Sometimes, it’s your 10th and 12th class certificates. Sometimes, other stuff (I’ve heard birth certificates too, but I cannot confirm this). They have the originals.
    Leave without you paying back whatever they say you owe? They keep them. I believe the word for this is called extortion (or blackmail. You decide).
    Next, they also keep whatever experience letter you should get. So all the time you worked? You got no proof.
  • Last, and the main reason I call them frauds? They apparently give out fake experience letters to the clients who use you, making you seem more experienced than you are. I’m pretty sure this is somehow illegal (though good luck finding someone to sue and be alive by the time the case gets solved).



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Aditya Sujith Gudimetla

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